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We are North Alabama's only 100% licensed, insured, and mobile luxury car care service provider. We're available to enthusiast and private collectors alike both locally and nationwide! We guarantee that there's nothing on the market anything like us. See what all the 5 star reviews are about. See the "Gold Standard" for yourself! Become a "GoldFan!" 

Our Services

1 of a Kind!

We're not a car wash! Not even close. Not in the way you think anyway, although cleaning is a part of vehicle preparation! Our IDA Certified Field Technicians all attend GoldStar Academy, a multifaceted educational program requiring 18-24 months and over 1,000 hours of class and field time to complete, ensuring all technicians in the field have and know how to use advanced technology, possess an abundance of advanced knowledge, and establish a proven record of repeatedly providing some of the most advanced and custom tailored services for your vehicle!


Our remote support staff specialize in knowledge of the model and make specific manufacturer's recommended vehicle care instructions for most luxury and premium luxury makes, allowing us to skillfully and safely service your premium, luxury, ultra (premium) luxury, exotic, restored, or other high value, rare, or irreplaceable vehicle.


We do NOT compete with price or speed! When you professionals rush, corners are cut. Since we don't cut corners and are on the job until the job is done and done right, we can't compete to the cheapest. We are known to spend hours and days with our customer's vehicles, not minutes! Instead, we choose quality above all else and do so with little thought of cost when selecting our product vendors. We search high and low, testing an assortment of each product used in the care of your vehicle side by side, ensuring we only use the best of everything on the market required for your ride. 


Sparing no expense, we only use the best products, with the best tools, and the best-trained staff to ensure your personal experience is truly tailored to you, aligns with your investment's manufacturer suggestions, and is always backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee. All of this works together to ensure your view of car care services will not only be restored, but your view will be forever changed!