About Us

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We're Disrupting the Local Market.

and we love it...

GoldStar is a company that grew out of a yearning for more auto detailing services within our area. Market research proved there were dozens in the area offering the very basic of detail services, but many were difficult to find due to poor marketing, none of them were incorporated or established as an LLC or other business entity, and most weren't licensed, much less insured.


The few established providers in the community do not fit into our specialty of detailing services. "If it don't shine..." is a cornerstone of the car care service market in our area and was the closest to offering some services we were looking for, but even the most established places like this one focused on the simple wash first and foremost, not detail services. Out of the 19 automobile cleaning companies/people in the Shoals area we identified during our market research, nine were fully automated and five were self serve bays. This means 73% of all care care providers in the local market had no provider/customer interaction. It makes sense considering the service industries see the biggest cost as labor. It's brilliant idea from a business perspective. Eliminate the labor, give the customer the tolls to do it themselves, and charge even more than what you would if it were a full service wash. You might be a detailer if it takes you $50 in quarters at a self serve bay to clean your personal car. NOT here. NOT at GoldStar. We want a working relationship with you. We want to see the look on your face when you realize how much we just turned back the hands on the clock for your ride. We live for the wow factor and the shake of your hand!

Professional mobile detailing as a format serves us as a company in several ways. It offers our community a professional and skilled service that is currently non-existent outside of hard to find individual operators. It serves as a jump off point for the company to eventually provide services in every format. It allows us to take time ensuring your vehicle gets the one on one attention you have hired us for because you have the convenience, and we have the privacy of being at your place of business or home.


 Our employees today will be our leaders tomorrow, overseeing fixed locations that provide full service washes with dozens of employees, our boat & RV mobile units, our detail units, our corporate accounts, and our fully automated self serve bays.





Our Mission is to change public perception about the medium and type of people who do detail work through consistently working harder than everyone else in our industry to earn trust from all. This will be done by providing unique on-demand services that require advanced knowledge and skill to execute, by committing a portion of all revenue back for the betterment of our communities, and above most else, presenting ourselves always in a professional manner.

Today's Goals

Our short term goal is to return detailing back to its glory for the benefit of the individual customer, as well as the industry and its stake holders. 

We do this by:

1. Offering advanced services that require more skill to execute, but are currently missing from the local market.

2. Present the business and services in a professional format in every functional area of the business. From the creation and design of this website, to the appearance and attitudes of our team when they arrive to provide any of our services. Presentation is an assett.

3. To operate both ethically and consciously with other businesses and customers. This includes abiding by all EPA guidelines, local laws, licensing requirements, sales and income tax requirements, and others.

4. To stand by our work and take any customer concern seriously. To, in good faith, do all we can to reconcile any such situation.

5. To be as convenient as possible.

6. To build a local community of car geek, detail nerds, car enthusiast, and all car lovers.

7. To be active in our community through a return of investment that has been made in us by the community, and go beyond just writing checks, To show up and commit to causes with our time.


Our Vision

 "Our vision is to be the first detail service that is so easily replicated, so affordably provided, and so skillfully executed that GoldStar will be the first company thought of when the next generation thinks about detailing services, regardless of what part of the country that thinker calls home."



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5 stars can be found in our logo. Those stars serve as a guide to our board of directors and shareholders decisions in all the company does. Each star represents a corporate value.
In all decisions we look for guidance from our mission statement first, our vision statement second, and lastly our corporate values, or the stars.